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Get Low LoJack Prices on the LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System and Options

How LoJack Works

The LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System includes a radio transceiver deeply hidden in your vehicle.

Each LoJack System has a unique code that is tied into your Vehicle's Identification Number (VIN). When your stolen vehicle is reported to the police, a routine entry into the state police crime computer results in a match of your LoJack System's unique code and automatically activates your LoJack unit.

Your LoJack unit will send a silent radio signal to all law enforcement authorities equipped with LoJack anti-theft vehicle tracking units.

All Federal, State and local law enforcement police cruisers, helicopters and fixed wing aircraft equipped units are always listening for LoJack signals.

Police use their LoJack Vehicle Tracking Units to quickly find and recover your LoJack equipped vehicle.

Stolen Vehicle Facts and LoJack's Success
  • A vehicle is stolen every 25 seconds in the U.S.
  • Last year, over 1.2 million vehicles were stolen. Alarms are not enough protection.
  • Get it back fast - LoJack is the only stolen vehicle recovery system used by police.
  • Your vehicle will be recovered within hours and Money-Back Guaranteed in 24 hours!
  • LoJack has a recovery rate of over 90%, with more than 150,000 vehicles found.
  • LoJack has recovered over $3 billion in stolen assets.

  • Get an Auto Insurance Discount up to 35%!

    Because LoJack is so effective, vehicles equipped with LoJack usually qualify for a big discount on your auto insurance. Discounts may vary - please contact your insurance agent.

    Money-Back Guaranteed Totally Effective

    Most vehicles have been recovered within just a few hours of notification to police. However, If your vehicle is stolen and not recovered within 24 hours, LoJack Corporation will refund the entire purchase price of your LoJack for 2 years.

    Questions About LoJack?
    LoJack Authorized Dealer-Call Toll Free 800-4321-CAR

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